Why is THE SELF-SUFFICIENT GLOBAL CITIZEN so critical for success??

In the tumultuous challenges facing humanity today, like forced displacements, mass migrations,

poverty, mass incarceration, deep political polarization with a lack of proper policy agendas and

adequate funding leading to lack of global cohesiveness.

These challenges clearly disturb our minds and souls, but this unique book offers hope with real

solutions. Self-Sufficiency is the only opportunity for success within our reach and one that can

restore confidence, community and kindness in all. The Self-Sufficient Global Citizen is a

comprehensive guide to empower migrants worldwide and those returning home from prison. It

shows a practical, easy-to-follow roadmap that provides a pathway to sustainable and successful

lives through proven and sustainable solutions by a successful author who was once a refugee

himself when Russia invaded Afghanistan.

Take a peak into The Self-Sufficient Global Citizen's Table of Contents:

1. Humanity on the move

2. The logistics of migrating

3. Your New world

4. Being organized and prepared

5. Your New home-Getting out and about

6. Education

7. Health

8. Finding employment

9. Being employed, self-employed or becoming an entrepreneur

10. Finances

11. The big purchases-a home and a car

12. Preparing for your retirement

13. Insurance

14. Legalities and citizenships

15. Stress survival skills for refugees and immigrants

16. Learning terms you’ll need to know to negotiate the many agencies and laws