The idea for this resource guide evolved over a long period of time. Like every other immigrant, when I first came to the United States I needed a lot of information to make a life here. I looked for a simple guide that would help me navigate through my new life and environment, but I could never find one.  Many self-help books focused on just one or a few topics, while others focused on such complicated matters that it was discouraging rather than helpful to read them. In addition, because this was before the internet, it took a lot of patience to find out what I needed to know.      

I often thought about creating a condensed lifestyle guide geared toward immigrants—a road map, if you will—but over time I got busier and busier. 

So I am now delighted to have finally succeeded in creating the best practices/success resource guide for immigrants that you’re now holding.

This guide is the product of years of knowledge, real life practices and proven ideas. It was developed based on core principles of and input from various groups of immigrants I’ve met from all walks of life, including parents, students, teachers, social services experts, entrepreneurs—in short, anyone who had best practices to share.

The result is a guide for immigrants that focuses on the entire family. Chapters include useful details, best practices, and success tips that can be used throughout the life cycle, from the birth of a child through retirement and beyond. You could say that the information it contains never expires and provides the foundation for a successful and powerful way of life.

Despite the amazing life full of joy, hard work, love of family and friends, and success I have enjoyed, I truly consider this book to be my biggest achievement in life and my personal gift to humanity. I hope it gives you as much pleasure.

With this easy-to-follow guide, you'll:

- Discover hundreds of valuable U.S. and Canadian resources;

- Get handy, timesaving worksheets and checklists;

- Find an easy-to-understand glossary for looking up unfamiliar terms; and 

- Learn valuable advice from my lessons so you can avoid making the same mistake me and others have made.