The Muslim Registry

When I first heard of the phrase “Muslim Registry,” I laughed as I thought it was a joke, but later would find out that it is actually a failed idea from the past. This “registry” is proof of our world falling victim to hate mongering, racism, bigotry and rhetoric designed to further divide America and the rest of the world. We have built America together, collectively. We have come a long way, and it saddens me that we would even entertain such possible ideas. 

Over one billion+ Muslims around the world try to figure out ways to get away from effects of devastating wars, massacres, forced displacements, loss of families/homelands, poverty, and uncertain futures. As a matter of fact, more and more Muslims are losing their innocent lives to heinous acts of violence and atrocities in the hands of extremists and terrorists. Being a Muslim doesn’t mean being a terrorist. There are millions of hard working and intelligent Muslims here in America. They are government officials, police officers, firemen, teachers, scientists, and entrepreneurs. Recent studies have shown that Muslim communities within America are actually amongst the safest communities. So, why are we entertaining the thought of this supposed “registry?” It simply should not exist.

The incompetent, ignorant, handful of politicians and ill-informed backers are trying to further damage humanity by spreading bigotry, division and marginalization of certain religions and its innocent people. There are bigger things to focus on, and a Muslim Registry will simply not solve the major issues America and the world face. 

To help Humanity and help stop mass fraud, and human/financial atrocities, I put together a list of some very important things we need to focus on:

  • Guns and military style weapons in the hands of civilians (over 30,000 innocent people in U.S alone die yearly from gun violence)
  • Out of control drug trade and addiction of millions of our children/future generations
  • Child predators
  • Rape victims
  • Human Trafficking of children/women 
  • Children without parents
  • Modern day slavery (over 45 million slaves around the world today)
  • Tax evaders 
  • Unlawful tax havens and theft of billions of tax payers’ money

Let’s be honest...don’t you think these are more important elements to focus on than calling for a Muslim Registry? 

The call for such a registry does nothing to help ease or stop terrorism. A handful of terrorists and extremists, who are a common enemy to humanity, can be dealt with by proper coordination, communication and getting all-powerful nations to work together. 

The call for a Muslim Registry is a complete loss of decency.