World Refugee Day

June 20th is World Refugee Day. Frankly, there is no need to dedicate one or a few days anymore! Wars and violence continue to force millions to flee their homelands and become refugees every day as fear, distortion, and uncertainty reign and dreams start to crumble.

While decent human beings shed tears, extend hands and embrace displaced refugees, there are corrupt, vicious politicians and leader that fail to provide the necessary support and backbone. Governments sit idle and watch as if the crisis is entertainment rather than REAL human suffering. 

Bigots and those that are detached from humanity openly attack and try to put blame on victims as if it was the refugee’s decision to be a refugee. Time and time again there is proof that even the slightest issues within humanity become all of humanities problems. We cannot turn a blind eye to the refugee crisis.

The current refugee crisis is the biggest humanitarian challenge since World War II and calls for lasting and dignified solutions. It is time for world leaders to work towards establishing peace and end lasting wars.  It is only then that refugees can hope for return to their homelands and end all miseries and fears of children and their families.  

It is immoral to continue supporting war profiteers and flooding our world with massive weapons of destruction. Our leaders need to stand up and move towards social impact, economic mobility, and providing relief towards empowerment, development, and self-sufficiency.  

In the meantime, refugees and immigrants need to move towards self-sufficiency by adapting, educating one another, and participating as productive and responsible members in their new communities. Everyone deserves a second chance.

Smugglers Made 6 Billion During Refugee Crisis

This is tragic, inhumane and a clear sign of corruption. Aside from daily headlines, reading and listening to all the rhetoric, the real challenges for humanity are on the rise. But, this headline actually points to major weakness globally and not a problem of one nation only. It is the failure of all humanity; all seven billion plus. It is ultimately the ignorance of people in general who follow and allow corrupt and incompetent so called leaders to make decisions. These leaders manipulate human behavior and direction in order to fulfill their own twisted desires. The end result is a creation of powers and governments that cater to narrow interest groups while ignoring the basic needs of their citizens. 

We are now witnessing the direct results of disastrous politics, warfare strategies, economic and social dysfunctions. The migration crisis, modern slavery, child exploitation, mass unemployment, poverty, and income inequality are all results of poor leadership and self-interest.

It is no longer okay to watch, read, and look the other way. It is our moral obligation to get engaged in all forms of non-violent humane movements to stop mediocrity and not allow evil to dominate and dictate our future.