Atta Moves x The Luisa Marshall Show (Simply the Best)

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Episode Details:
Airs on Monday, June 9th 2014 at 10:30am & 9:00pm on SMC

ALL NEW – Simply the Best – The Luisa Marshall Show On the Show:

  • Interview with author Atta Arghandiwal.
  • Surrey Clean Sweep Project.

Get Inspired: Special interview with ATTA ARGHANDIWAL From a refugee to a bank teller to a vice president and regional manager…  to an author… Atta’s passion for writing paved the way to tell his life story as a refugee in his first award winning book Lost Decency, The Untold Afghan Story. Atta spoke of his war-torn country, his family and his decision to leave. He made his dream into a reality to help his fellow immigrants in his new book Immigrant Success Planning: A Family Resource Guide.

Birthday clean sweep

Get Involved: This is not a typical glamorous birthday celebration! Members, friends and supporters of SPIDS founder Narima dela Cruz were divided into 4 teams and gathered in 4 different parks to do another Clean Sweep participation in the Surrey Clean Sweep Project.

Luisa was invited to speak at an event to promote multiculturalism in the community amongst immigrants and also to promote a book to help immigrants to be productive. As a dedicated humanitarian, ATTA ARGHANDIWAL has a dream as a refugee from Afghanistan to help his fellow immigrants. He understands what kind of information they need and how they can integrate into a new country. His inspiration coming from his own personal experiences, his challenges and personal battles.

Lost Decency is Atta’s first book of his personal story of his life as a refugee coming out of Afghanistan. At age 20 he left his country and didn’t know for sure what was going to happen to him. His life change in North America that has given him the opportunity to be productive and live a good life.

During my career, I met many other successful immigrants who have made amazing strides and progress despite many challenges. For that reason, I am a firm believer in hard work, dedication, and the realization that the sky is indeed the limit. – Atta Arghandiwal