Happy New Year From Atta

Happy New Year!

I sincerely hope and pray for a much better year in 2017. Not to sound negative, but 2016 was a troublesome year for humanity. Humanity witnessed some of the most brutal atrocities including mass human killings, forced migrations of millions of innocent and helpless refugees, unprecedented political turmoil/changes, and much more. Our world should be focused on opportunities to educate and serve people. Instead, we have seen clear and unconscionable human right abuses by governments and an ongoing growth of poverty/income inequalities worldwide.

But, history has and will continue to prove that humanity finds ways to thrive and not give up on hopes and dreams. So, let’s do our part in light of all the challenges.

What does life look like without dreams? More importantly, what are dreams without actions? I challenge you to make your dreams a reality through action. 

In working with large groups of people over the course of years, I have seen people fail to achieve their personal/professional goals. The question should not be about what you want to accomplish this year. Rather, ask yourself how many of your goals/targets you achieved last year. If you were not able to accomplish some of your goals/targets, ask yourself why.

Instead of writing a long list of new resolutions, it may be a good idea to think of last year’s lists. Build on your previous achievements and accomplish goals you didn't have a chance to accomplish.

Happy New Year.