A Quick Note About Refugee/Immigrant Vetting

In general, the United State’s overall vetting of refugees and immigrants is one of the and most rigorous and effective in the world since 9/11. It is robust, thorough and consists of about 20 steps according to experts. Refugees will have to go through a very intense process. It is important to note that close to 35,000 refugees were allowed to enter the U.S in 2016, which is even less than the number of refugees welcomed in the German city of Hamburg in the same year.

While the waiting period varies from country to country, it takes a minimum of 18-24 months to a maximum of five years while still overseas for a refugee to enter United States.  Here are some of the steps one has to go through in order to qualify for entry to the U.S.

·       Individuals/families have to fill a comprehensive application for entry to U.S

·       All family and close relatives will have to be listed on application

·       History of education from beginning to end

·       Employment history 

·       Strong reasons/rational for seeking refugee status 

·       Applicant's names are entered in a primary data base for search against terrorist suspects

·       Applicant personal information also gets researched in host country through embassies. 

This latest executive ban is simply a cruel measure that represents a stark departure from America’s core values. Our country has a long and proud tradition of sheltering those fleeing violence and persecution and have always been the world leader in refugee resettlement. 

There is absolutely no data to support the idea that refugees pose a threat here in the U.S. This policy is simply based on fear, not facts. This order is designed in support of earlier campaign claims to halt United State’s ability to accept anyone at all. The wild and irresponsible claims about Syrian refugees pouring over our border, for example, is simply another way to rely on “Alternative Facts” or simply fiction. The fact remains that America can adequately protect the security of our borders and our citizens and maintain this country’s long tradition of welcoming those who have nowhere else to go.  Extremists are humanity’s common enemies.

Also important to note that the unfortunate and devastating massacres in Florida and San Bernardino occurred in the hands of home grown terrorists just like the other mass murders. We also lose over 32,000 lives annually right here in United States as result of gun violence. These killings occur in the hands of our own citizen and not refugees. Maybe it is time to at least do a background check on assault weapon purchasers and start vetting citizens for gun ownership, instead of worrying about a immigration ban that has no factual foundations?

Bottom line, refugees should not be viewed as a burden or as potential terrorists.  They are here already making great contributions to every country’s national well-being. Given an opportunity, they will become an essential part of our American fabric.