The Self-Sufficient Global Citizen Is Here


Empowering Immigrants Worldwide

I am honored to announce the launch of my new guidebook. This comprehensive book is a lifetime roadmap for responsible families and communities worldwide. With this easy-to-follow guide, you will:

·      Discover proven tips, strategies, and motivational personal lessons from the birth of a child to retirement and beyond;

·      Gather hundreds of valuable resources for use anywhere around the world;

·      Obtain handy, time-saving worksheets and checklists;

·      Find an easy-to-understand appendix for looking up unfamiliar terms;

·      Gain valuable advice from “Atta’s Lessons,” so you can avoid mistakes.

Geared towards helping people create positive change in their lives, it can be a wonderful gift to the others in your life—friends, family, as well as organizations. For those who are searching, as I was, for the answers and resources that are provided in this book, this Guide can be an important and life-changing tool. For this reason I would be truly grateful if you could help spread the word about this book.

As a humanitarian, I consider this work to be one of my life’s biggest achievements, as it is a book designed to add value and aimed at making a difference in the lives of others.

I hope you enjoy the Guide and find it helpful in enhancing your own life’s road map!