What is the International Community?

The rhetorical phrase “International Community is widely used to refer to relations involving a broad group of governments and people around the world. It suggests the existence of common ground/views towards matters involving human beings. 

The phrase “International Community” continues to get used the in the West and by pundits mainly to imply that the broader world is engaged, in agreement or given a chance to be a part this mythical group which manipulates us into a false sense of connection and detracts us from the real global challenges facing all of humanity.

There are certain legitimate examples of the International Community at work from such actions as peacekeeping to human rights to disarmament, seeming to support the work of respected, humanitarian organizations. It is legitimate to criticize the term “International Community” due to its’ many obvious failures: lack of proper education, health care and access to basic human needs, waging unjust wars, forced migrations of millions around the world, and allowing over three billion human beings to live to live at below $2 or less a day. How does the International Community show its’ concerns for these citizens? 

Despite the fact that all human beings in the world are portrayed as though we are all its equal consumers and are influenced by the same tides of political, social and technological changes, in reality it is the viewpoint, desires, benefits, profits and aspirations of a handful of the powerful so- called International Community that impact so many aspects of our lives except for the majority of the world’s peoples, especially its’ refugees, turned back on overcrowded boats with nowhere to  land and be welcomed as they flee oppression and death in their homelands. 

In light of so many conflicts spurred by the handful who profit, and In terms of the real impact on major policies, wars, occasional peace initiatives, economy, geopolitical influences, how is this helping the world’s poor?  It is actually a handful of nations such as US, Russia, China, UK, Germany, France, Japan, Canada, India and Brazil who lead this “International Community” as they profit from their exploits.

The most logical and fitting manner to describe and establish better understanding of this so-called International Community is through a sports analogy. 

What should a true International Community look like?

While it is impossible to tear down many existing, inefficient forces, it is time for the rest of the world to stand up for their rights within the true framework of “International community” 

It is actually the moral obligation and collective actions of all spectator nations to realize the immediate and long term challenges by their citizens not be victimized by decision of an affluent handful.  Focusing on basic human values and priorities in health care, environmental issues, more democratic political systems without the taint of money, and a strong commitment to peace should become the new norm for all nations by improving standards of living and creating opportunities within true spirit of solidarity and common human needs.

More importantly, it is time to look for a new title that will give us a more honest meaning that embodies the essence of true World Community in more than just name.